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Semi-final time in the Friendly World Cup. 4 countries left with 2 of these falling at this late stage. USA vs Switzerland in the 1st semi-final and Chile taking on Brazil in the other semi-final. Lets take a look at the Italian/German players in action for our semi-finalists tonight.

USA(Goldstonemr and Gargarmel) hold a 5 point advantage (50-45) over the Swiss pair of JK and James Fitz. The Americans have 10 players tonight Neuer, Khedira, Ozil, Hummels, Balzaretti, Reus, Pirlo, Klose and Boateng x2.
The Swiss will be hoping that their 2 man advantage will see them through. They have Boateng, Abate, Reus, Gomez, Khedira, Klose, Hummels x2, Ozil x2 and Neuer x2.

Brazil( Forca and Epic Fail) lead the Chile duo of Menly and Catmac in a high scoring encounter, 70-64. The Brazilians have 10 this evening, Hummels, Schweinsteiger, Gomez, Lahm, Khedira, Klose, Boateng x2 and Ozil x2.
Chile also have 10 Neuer, Barzagli, Pirlo, Klose, Boateng x2, Ozil x2 and Khedira x2.

Good Luck to all!!!

FFS Friendly World Cup Quarter-Finals Reviews

Quarter-Final 4

Chile defeated Japan 119-105

Menly and Catmac overcame Sarnab and Djerbil in this closely fought battle. Ultimately it was Menly who won the day with his 60 beating Djerbil’s 46, as Cat and Sarnab tied on 59. Matchday 1 went the way of Chile as Catmac’s Perriera gave them the advantage after dueling Patricios and Ronaldos for Menly and Sarnab. Day 2 was closely fought as we had a Neuer, a Boateng and a Schweinsteiger on each side whilst Sarnab’s Ozil (c) better Cat’s Khedira and Hummels to give Japan some hope. In matchday 3 Alba was an irrelavance as all 4 managers owned him. So it came down the midfield and Japan took the honours with double Iniesta and Busquets easily overcoming Fabregas. So it was left for England and Italy to decide things. Catmac’s and Djebil’s Lescott cancelled each other out, as did Menly and Sarnab’s Gerrard whilst Djerbil’s Rooney (c) did not do him much good over Cat’s Rooney. Ultimately this tie was settled by Chile’s double Pirlo to Japan’s single alongside a cheeky Menly punt on Barzagali, who yielded 7 points, as Djebil’s Cassano and Sarnab’s Welbeck failed to deliver. Chile will meet Brazil in the semis.

USA defeated Argentina 111-104

In this, the closest of all the quarter-final ties, it was Gagamel who proved the matchwinner. Whilst Goldy and Canadian Football both finished on 48, it was Garg’s 63 which proved decisive over Archie’s 56. In matchday 1 it was Argentina who took the narrowest of leads with Archie’s Perreria outscoring Garg’s Patricio by just 1 point. Both teams had 2 Ronaldo’s, there was no other major representation in this one. In matchday it was fairly even again as each side boasted Hummels and Boateng combo, whilst Goldy had a Neuer and Hummels combo to add, alongside Schweinsteiger, whilst Archie could only muster Neuer. Matchday 3 however saw the tie swing decisively in USA’s favour. Though Argentina boasted double Alba, USA also boasted double Alba, with Garg’s having a (c) giving the USA the swing. Though both sides boasted an Iniesta apiece, Goldy’s Busquets pick further boosted USA. The final matchday saw a late, but ultimately futile charge from the Argentine Light Brigade. Going all out with 2 Pirlo’s Buffon, Lescott and Gerrard, Argentina had hoped to mount a comeback. But alas, with Garg owning all of those bar Buffon (and 1 Pirlo obviously) it was not to be, and it is the USA who move on to face Switzerland in the semi-finals

Brazil defeated Urugay 123-107

In this battle of South American heavyweights it was Brazil, many people’s favourites for the FWC who triumphed, scoring a convincing win over Uruguay. Forca Inter and Epic Fail now look forward to the semi-finals and a meeting with another South American side, Chile, led by Menly and Catmac. In truth Uruguay never got close to an upset as 4Vets (51) and Emperikal (56) were outgunned by Forca (61) and Epic (62).


Written by ENR (Ex-France manager)

Indeed. In less than a week, we shall have crowned a European Champion. The whole continent shall bow down to the best managerial partnership. The fame and the bragging rights that come along with it shall be unparalleled in the community. The team shall have the privilege to hold onto the title for 2 whole years. Imagine the scenes!

But hey, we’re not there yet….as the best of the action still remains. The twelve teams will tell you “As if we haven’t had enough action already” As cliche it may sound, Gary Neville rightly said “The game isn’t over until Schmeichel himself comes up for the corner” - The. Very. Last. Minute.

Congratulations on your Quarter Final win against the hosts Ukraine, your partnership with Superdunny seems to be blossoming considering you two were thrown together at the last minute, how have you found working together?


Written by Jkisthe

Switzerland def. Mexico 141-127. This back and forth tie was ultimately decided by 1 man. James_Fitz’s decision to put the armband on Xabi Alonso proved crucial as his 28 point haul decided this tie in favour of the Group A winners. Jk and Sleep Talk finished neck and neck on 64 points but Snowy could only manage 63 to James’ 77. Mexico can consider themselves somewhat unlucky to have faced the only side that outscored them in this round.

Jonty and Camzy, co-managers of Germany would like to thank Herr Barzagli, who for the last two weeks has single handedly kept us in this competition. It was a nail biter last night, with Jonty’s captaining of the Italian defender the only option to overturn the might of Poland. When Barzagli’s yellow card came in it looked bleak again for Germany, but thankfully he went on to rack up the recovered ball points and end Poland’s dreams by just two points. Germany have a solid track record of outrageous jamminess, having qualified from group B with the lowest joint score. Croatia awaits, but can this tiny, unusually flagged nation really be a match for the sheer outrageous flukability of Germany.

Here's the presser:


Written by Abominable Snowy84 (Mexico)

Last day in the quarter final stage and we will only have 4 teams left after tonights England/Italy game. It is now or never for our 8 remaining teams. Lets take a look at the players in action for the teams tonight.

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