Written by ENR (Ex-France manager)

The much-hyped FFS Euro 2012 lived up to its expectations during the Group Stages as we headed into Matchday 3 with only one team eliminated from the Cup. All that meant was a stream of banter and excitement flowing through the central nervous system of the Fantasy world....F.F.S.

Hosts shine!
Poland (Cranium Krusherz seeded # 1) & Ukraine (The Menez, also in Pot 1) made it to the knock-out. You'd have to think most of the credit has to go to their fans, who did a remarkable job of getting them all the way. Despite controversial rumors up in the air, FFS UEFA can assure you that there was no bribery involved in getting the home countries through. (although chica-transactions may have been involved)

Favorites? Ha!
Defending champions Spain & Netherlands, largely acclaimed to be favorites, both crashed out in the group stages. Spain's loss was clearly attributed to succumbing under pressure....the pressure of defending the title, the pressure of being the only Council duo in the Cup, the pressure of winning personal battles (TW vs TommyTour, who eliminated TW in CL2011-12 and the Intra-Council battle of Pratik vs Parm). Netherlands on the other hand, were unlucky. They become the only team in both Cups to be eliminated after accumulating 6 points, yet failing to qualify from the Group of Death.

The Wheel of Fortune
England were unfortunate...really. Scoring 326 points over 3 MDs, they failed to make it out of Group D. On the opposite side of the wheel of fortune, you had Germany (2nd in Group B), qualifying with their tally of 284 points. Ironically, they had the lowest McD points tally in Group B. There were 4 teams who scored lesser than England and yet made it through to the knock-outs. Tough draw, England. Destiny's the name of this game.

Famed & Shamed
Denmark amassed the highest points tally in the group stages of 341 points, followed by Sweden (highest GD of +151) in 337 points. Cracking form by Scandinavia! But have they peaked too early? Where there's fame, there's shame. As a result of France's disappointing campaign, they tallied only 238 points, about 60 points lower than the 2nd lowest. The only light in this darkness was that they ended up with 2 out of 3 Valour awards.

Surprise Surprise!
The lowest seeded team to have qualified for the KO is none other than Denmark (Pot 4). What a massive performance by their lads! Can the best striker in the universe take this team all the way? 

Into the Future
Some cracking high-stake match-ups await in the Quarter-Finals:
1) The numero uno seeded Poland have officially declared war on heavyweights Germany (check out their presser), which coincidentally also has the last Scout standing. Who will emerge victorious out of this historic battle of many sorts?
2) The in-form Denmark take on the (R**ist) Russia. Will Denmark's form continue or will The Shadow of Udit's blessings make the difference for Russia?
3) Co-hosts Ukraine welcome the team with the best FPL rank, Croatia. Will Ukraine produce another Demi-God performance or will Croatia's expertise in crunch situations work to their favor?
4) Many eyes will be on this clash as bang-in-form Sweden take on The Azzurris (Go Parm!). Will Swedish elegance prevail over Italian class?

This is then. 
People - Join me in congratulating our Quarter-finalists. Choose your support wisely! 
Eliminated managers - You still have the Valor Awards to look forward to. Also, you have earned yourself a special invitation to ENR & Mark's "Crashers Party" in Puerto Rico.
Qualified managers - may the odds forever be in your favor! 
Destiny - you may now take position. 

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