Written by Chrissy Waddle (Poland)

With gameweek 2 of the FF Uefa competition drawing to a close, the atmosphere in Group A (Poland/Russia/Greece/Czech Rep) is incredibly tense.

Both Russia (Daniel/Monte Hristo) and Poland (Chrissy Waddle/Fuzzy) won the first round of games, leaving it all to do for Greece (Doos/Ginkapo) and the Czechs (Jafalad/D.Flamingo) to qualify for the QF’s. GW2 draws to a close with all four teams in with a chance of winning this round, making Group A a veritable cauldron of tense, sweaty banter.

Poland, overturning an early deficit with great “Pirlo” style and panach, are currently leading Russia by 6pts going into tonights games, so it’s all about cpt choices and the Eng v Fra players. With Hristo proving to be level headed Russian, he has seamingly stuck with Dzagoev as (c) since game 1, leaving his more maverick comrade Daniel to spin the captaincy wheel
and, like a crazy man in a pontoon contest, has twisted three times already with less success. Daniel’s cpt pick is key for the Russians, with the likely candidates being Benzema, Nasri (who has been “Demi-confirmed” as a starter) and Young. My polish spies tell me it’s Young or Benzema for Daniel, which mirrors my cpt choices, so who comes on top here may hold the
key to the QF’s.

But wait, Poland holds another card in it’s favour! My comrade Fuzzy has a cpt pick tonight also (Iniesta danced his way to only 3pts for the both of us…) and this may be where the win lies for Poland. Two strong cpt picks for Poland will surely seal victory against Russia. The winner tonight all but seals a place in the QF’s, so you can cut the tension with a rusty knife!!

Having both lost out in GW1, the winner of tonights other match-up in Group A is vital, as the loser can surely kiss goodbye to the QF’s. But who will it be?

Greece and Czech Rep are also seperated by 6pts before tonights games, so it’s all to play for.

Let’s first look at the Greeks, who tried and failed to outwit the Poles in GW1, but seemed to have upped their game for this round, and lead by 6pts. Their teams suggest they picked themselves up after GW1 and formed a strategy that spread their game 4 players for a strong finish. They possess 7 players from Eng and Fra, with only 2 duplicated, so the Greek potential
for points tonight is strong. Their current points total suggests only one has a cpt still active, so getting this right will be crucial.

The Czechs look the underdogs going into tonight, but shouldn’t be underestimated. They too have 7 players from the same sides. However more are duplicated, so their net casts over a smaller group of players than the Greeks. A different strategy to Greece, but not necessarily a bad move. Get these players right and this could bring them the GW2 crown. Unsure again
of any active cpt’s for the Czechs, but again I guess they may gamble on one, as playing it safe may backfire horribly, allowing the Greeks to march, trojan like, to victory!


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