Written by Gaz Downright (Portugal)

After yesterdays games, this group is tighter than a Tyneside Thai thigh massage*

DEN-GER 86-99
POR-NED 98-95

Live table:
6 GER (Jonty, Camzy)
6 DEN (Isacki, Light Knight)
3 POR (Billy Ketsu, yours truly)
3 HOL (China Mag, In Like Flynn)

Germany situation: Currently 13 points from having to rely on POR to beat HOL by 2 or 3pts only (:shock:).
Through with win.
Through with draw if POR beats HOL. Out with draw if HOL takes points from POR.
Through with loss if POR beats HOL by minimum 2pts, but out if by more than 3pts.

Denmark situation: Currently only 11 points from being eliminated.
Through with win or draw.
Out if they lose by 20+ (already 13 down), while HOL beat POR (now trailing by 3).

Portugal: Currently eliminated, but 14 points from getting back in.
Through with a win if DEN beats GER (now trailing by 13).
Otherwise out.

Netherlands situation: Currently eliminated, but 16 points from getting back in.
Through with win if DEN take points from GER, or lose by less then 20 (13 behind).
Through with draw if DEN draw or win vs GER (13 behind).
Through with loss if it is by only 1 single point and GER lose.

Team differential watch:

DEN: Isacki and Light Knight will be looking intently at the offensive duel of Ribery and Nasri. Should the latter start scoring points, it will soon become squeeky bum time for the two Danes. They can soften the blow with an Ingerlund clean sheet however.

GER: As long as Ribery keeps quiet, Jonty and Camzy look like they will cruise through to the Quarter Finals. The big question for them is perhaps, will we see a Ribery captaincy from Light Knight tonight?!

POR: Tonight from 4am some deadzone time, Billy Ketsu and yours truly will have to cheer for the possible DEN captaincy of Ribery. Without him firing (and Nasri keeping quiet), all hope is lost. But the job is not done there – we might also need Gerrard, Young and Konoplyanka to stay ahead of Welbeck, Zlatan and Yarmolenko.

HOL: In Like Flynn, China Mag and probably also China Mag’s Wife will be looking at Nasri performing tonight. If that fails, the next big question is if the CMW will convince CM to gamble on moving the captaincy from CR7 to someone like Welbeck. Though it is perhaps more likely ILF will go for some extra defensive guile from either a Lescott or Mexes captaincy?

Whichever it is, it will be an exciting end to the group stages of this inaugural Uefaffs co-management tournament.

May the best Iberian and Scandinavian teams win!

Over to the managers: do you have a quick comment on your team’s chances tonight?

*calculcations might be wrong, or a Tyneside Thai thigh massage might be rather loose (who knows? no, really, who? China Mag?).

19/06/2012 3:11pm

Congrats everyone. By my calculations, Denmark and Germany are through with Denmark topping the group with a superior goal difference. Thanks for an incredibly tight group and some really exciting matches!

Gaz D
19/06/2012 9:10pm

Thank you all. The group was undecided until the final three whistles. Well done Camzy, Jonty, Light Knight and Isacki for getting through. Good luck! Especially to Isacki who cracked the top8 of the world and will compete in the very exclusive Euro2012 KO competition. We will all be rooting for you!


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