Written by TW (Spain) and ENR (ex-France manager)

As we head into the crunch period of the tourney, let's take a look at what each team needs to do to qualify into the QFs. 

But first, here's what the rule book says: 
1) The top two teams in each group will qualify for the knockout phase
2) If 2 teams are level on points after the final group match then the h2h record (win/loss) between them will determine
who qualifies for the knockout phase. 
3) If 3 or more teams are tied on the same points after the final group match, the Points Difference (GD) will come into play, as it effectively takes into account all the matches. If the GD is equal, then the team with "higher points scored over the 3 games" goes through.
Group A

1. Poland (6pts) – Chrissy Waddle and FuzzyWarbles 
With victories over Greece and Russia, there fate is very much in their own hands. A win or draw against the Czech Republic would see them through to the knockout stages as the group winner. Even if they lose, they can still progress. A loss paired with a Russian defeat would see them go through as the runner-up due to their head to head with the Czechs. Even if they were to lose and the Russians were to win, Poland would still have a decent chance of going through thanks to their goal difference of +18. It would take at least a 12 point loss to the Czechs along with a Russian victory by at least 3 points to knock them out.

2. Russia (3pts) – Count of Monte and Daniel
Russia’s best chance of advancing is by beating Greece. A victory over the Greeks paired with a Polish victory over the Czechs would see Russia through in second place. Even if the Czechs were to win, as long as Russia won their match it would be highly improbable for them to be knocked out. It would take a 12 point victory by the Czechs along with a 1pt margin of victory for the Russians for them to be knocked out. A 2pt margin of victory in this scenario would depend on the number of points each of the three teams scored. Russia could still progress even if they lost, assuming Poland were to win its match. In this case, they would have to lose by less than 10 to move on. A tie would also see Russia through provided the Czechs lose or tie.

3. Czech Republic (3pts) – Demented Flamingo and Jafalad.
The Czechs are looking for a victory if they want to advance. They could sneak into the next round with a tie if Russia were to lose but a victory would give them a much better chance of progressing. If the Czechs win and Russia lose, they will go through in the top spot. If they win and Russia win, they will need at least a 12 point victory to progress.

4. Greece (0pts) – Doosra and Ginkapo
Greece hold the same role as Holland in the actual Euro’s. They will need to win themselves by at least 10 points and will then have to rely on a Polish victory. Otherwise they will be eliminated from the competition.

Group B

1. Denmark: (6 pts) - Isacki & LightKnight
Clear favorites to qualify from this group, you'd have to think Karma has played a role for providing us daily feature articles (Valour Awards) to keep us entertained. A win against Germany and it will seal their position at the top of the group. Even a loss won't stop them from qualifying, unless a) Netherlands are able to win against Portugal, cover the difference in Overall GD of about 93 points in the process AND b) Germany end up with a better overall GD than Denmark (the current difference in GD is about 63 points)

2. Netherlands: (3 pts) - China Mag & In Like Flynn
The deadly deadzone duo are placed 2nd, only after to beating Germany after a close encounter of 94-91 in Matchday 2. A win against Portugal and a draw/loss for Germany will see them qualify. A win against Portugal, followed by a win for Germany will decide the first two spots by the overall GD (between Denmark, Netherlands & Germany). That should mean Netherlands would be hoping for a Germany loss more than their win. A victory for Netherlands, followed by a loss for Germany will be the ideal scenario for Netherlands to qualify as a runner-up. If Netherlands & Germany are both defeated, the group runner-up spot will be taken by the team with the best overall GD (between Germany, Netherlands & Portugal). 

3. Germany (3 pts) - Jonty & Camzy
The last Scout standing in the Cup and a team of which a lot was expected. It isn't over by any means for Germany, thanks to a decent overall GD due to a very marginal loss against the Dutch. The best case scenario for Germany would be a victory against Denmark, followed by a loss for the Dutch, which would see them top the group. Wins for both Germany & Netherlands will see the top 2 spots decided by overall GD (between Germany, Netherlands & Denmark). A loss for Germany, followed by a loss for Netherlands will decide the 2nd spot by the team with highest overall GD (between Germany, Netherlands & Portugal). A loss for Germany, followed by a win for the Dutch would see the Germans crashing out of the Euro's. Will Camzy's Wildcard & Jonty's jolly good tactics prove to be a saviour for Germany? Time will tell. 

4. Portugal (0 pts) - Billy Ketsu & Gaz Downright
Another deadzone duo, dubbed to be the dark horses of the group. Even if they're placed fourth, they are still in the running to qualify - one cannot discount them yet. They need a win against the Dutch, the Germans to lose vs Denmark AND thereby ending up with a better overall GD than both the giants. Tough but not impossible, you'd think.

This group could go down to the wire, even though the Danish look in the driver's seat for now.

Group C

1. Croatia (6pts) – TommyTour59 and SuperDunny
While not guaranteed a spot in the next round, Croatia can already see the knockout stages! A win or draw against UEFA Council Pair TW and Pratik would see them through as winners of group C. Even if they lost they could still progress. If Italy also loses, they would progress in second place. If Italy won and they lost, they could still progress provided they don’t lose by more than 12.

2. Italy (3pts) – The ParmTree and Milanista
With a LUCKY win against Spain, Italy have a decent chance of going through. They’ll go through second with a win and a Spain loss. If both UEFA Council teams manage to get wins, Italy will advance though which place they advance in will be dependent on their goal difference compared to the goal differences of Spain and Croatia. Provided Spain lose, a loss could still see Italy through provided they avoid defeat by 15 points or more. A tie would also see Italy through provided Spain lose or tie.

3. Spain (3pts) – TW and Pratik
The best team in the tournament have their work cut out for them. They’ll need to win by at least 13 points to guarantee survival. However if they win and Italy lose or tie then the margin of victory won’t matter. A tie could only see them through if Italy lost. This UEFA Council only pair must avoid defeat as a loss at the hands of the Croatians would result in them following the footsteps of ENR.

4. Republic of Ireland (0pts) – Christina and Sporting ABG
The Irish have a difficult task ahead of them. Not only must they beat the Italians by 15 or more, they must also hope for the Croatians to defeat the Spanish. Any other result would see them eliminated.

Group D

1. Sweden: (6 pts) - HillBillyPete & Dynamic
Very much dubbed to be the dark horses of the group but guess what - heading into Matchday 3, they're already the group winners irrespective of other results. Two uber-comprehensive results against England & Ukraine sees them take the group winner spot. Have they peaked too early? Only time will tell.

2. England: (3 pts) - Drinky & Roscola
Despite a loss to Sweden in Matchday 2, a spirited win against France in Matchday 1 sees them keep the 2nd spot. However, the scenario for qualification is straightforward. A win/draw against co-hosts Ukraine will see them progress as runner-up in the group. A loss would see them joining France in the "crashers party".

3. Ukraine (3 pts) - Demi & Mac
After having suffered the biggest humiliation of the Cup in the hands of Sweden, they've recuperated well to win (albeit a tad lucky) against France. Next up, they need to win against England to qualiify into the QFs. Anything less would see them crashing out.

4. France (0 pts) - Mark & ENR
This team boasted the King of FFS & a defending FFS UEFA champion in Europe. As predicted by the masses, they become the first team to crash out of the Euro's. France have confirmed the sacking of co-manager ENR and are now in the safe hands of Mark, ironically who is the only manager in this group playing his wildcard in Matchday 3.

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