Written by JKisthe1 (Switzerland)

Another Impressive performance by Forca Inter, including the inspired decision to switch the armband from Dzagoev to Gomez saw him finish on 69 points. Coupled with another impressive showing from Epic Fail (59) saw Brazil overcome rivals Mexico 126 to 110. This week a JK and Forca inspired Snowy scored an impressive 62, but he was let down badly by team-mate Sleep Talk (48) and this meant defeat for my picks (well I have to get something wrong). In the other Group game it was a victory for Ghana (aka Long Cox Up the Duff) over South Korea. Eoin’s decision to follow the lead of JK and Forca and plump for Gomez (c) over Ronaldo saw him claim the 10 points that separated the 2 sides with Evs and Porkie both on 53 and BonZ on 51 the captaincy of Gomez saw Eoin finish on 61 and it was those 10 points that proved decisive.
1st – Brazil 6 Pts (Forca Inter and Epic Fail) – Forcing me to eat some humble pie on this one, Forca and Epic have booked a place in the knockout stages. Even defeat to South Korea in their last match can not stop it as they hold victories over both the teams that could join them on 6 points and this means that Brazil have won Group B. Forca will now be hoping that Switzerland can achieve the required result against Slovenia to avoid a 2nd place finish in Group A. Epic likely doesn’t care either way.

2nd – Ghana 3 Pts (Eoin and Porkie) – Currently 2nd in Group B by virtue of a better GD than Mexico it is very simple for Ghana. Avoid defeat and they make it into the knockout stages to throw yet another of my predictions for this, the toughest of all the Groups, out of the window. Their 10 point win over South Korea leaves them, on a GD of -11, whilst Mexico’s 16 point defeat by Brazil leaves them on -15. This leaves Ghana’s fate in their own hands.

3rd – Mexico 3 Pts (Snowy and Sleep Talk) – Another simple on here, win or bust for Mexico. Their GD in relation to GW3 opponents Mexico means that nothing other than a win will do for them. Let down by a poor performance from Sleep Talk this duo now has it all to do to continue on in this competition. If they manage it, it may be a Mike Basset moment, 3 cheers for the Mexicans.

4th – South Korea 0 Pts (Evs and BonZ) – The South Koreans are out of the competition regardless of the result they achieve against Group winners Brazil. They are playing for pride now and to try and avoid leaving with the dreaded nil points. But even salvaging that could be tough against the high flying Brazilians whose combined score in GW2 was bettered only by Switzerland. It has been a miserable tournament for this pair.

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