Written by JKISTHE1 (Ozil's Ceching In - Switzerland)

Brazil – The Glory Hunters (Forca Inter and Epic Fail)

Now this a big hitting team. 2 very well known and highly popular members have paired up to form a positively awesome team. 2 high ranking FPL players make a formidable proposition.But this is by far the toughest group of the lot, made up of 4 very tough teams. Could Forca Inter’s knowledge of Croatia provide that extra differential that may push them over the line. Has he hidden away a gem? Epic offers his own brand of enthusiasm and many may be hoping for a repeat of his now legendary press conference. Will this team strike up a Samba Beat, or will Epic Fail’s name prove to be an apt one?

Prediction – 2nd.

Mexico – The Abominable Stalkers (Sleep Talk and Snowy 84)

Another very good pairing. This pair will be very tough to beat and will head in to the competition high on confidence. They are frequent visitors to the FFS boards and always have plenty to offer other posters. But, are they too, holding something back, trying to keep that little differential that could make the difference. I forsee a strong showing from this pair that could see the waving down at the rest from atop the group

Prediction – 1st
Ghana – Long Cox up the Duff (Eoin and Porkie)

The quality in this group just does not let up. Now famous for his Euro 2012 team previews, many may say Eoin deserves a place in the knockouts for that alone. If only things were that simple. As great a pair as this is, it may be just too much for them to get out of a group as tough as this one. That being said I expect a strong showing and their opponents will have to perform well to overcome them. But alas it may be just too much for them in this one

Prediction – 4th

South Korea – BonsEvs petit (Evs and BonZ)

Yet another tremendous pair to complete the Group B line-up. Taking their inspiration from Gene Hunt, this pair will want to barrel through their opponents. But like Eoin and Porkie this group may simply prove to be too much. I expect a forceful showing and they will certainly not be overwhelmed but with the strength of this group Heart and Seoul may not be enough. It will be an early exit, albeit one with heads held high for this pair.

Prediction – 3rd.

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