Written by JKisthe1 (Switzerland)

JK Predicted in the group preview

South Korea

1st – Brazil – Record P3 W3 D0 L0 GD +39 Pts 9

Forca Inter and Epic Fail proved a certain someone wrong and dominated this group from start to finish. In GW1 Forca led the way with 62 points led by captain Mandzukic whilst Epic was an excellent back-up weighing with 51 under the leadership of captain Ibra helping Brazil to 113-92 success over Ghana. In GW2 Forca again led the way and was bettered only by JK in GW score. His choice of Gomez (c) proved inspired and led to a haul of 69, whilst Epic chipped in with 57, led by captain Benzema. This result gave them a crucial 126-110 win over chief rivals Mexico. With qualification booked Brazil headed into GW3 full of confidence. But, like JK, Forca could not maintain his form and finished on 48, with the decision to put to (c) on Benzema proving a disaster. But, like Switzerland, this is a great duo, when does not deliver the other does and Epic picked up the slack with a 52, led by captain Rooney to secure a narrow 97-95 win over South Korea and secure maximum points. This team has marked themselves out as a force to be reckoned with and Uruguay await in the next round.

2nd – Mexico – Record P3 W2 D0 L1 GD-2 Pts 6

Snowy and Sleep Talk at least proved me half right by making the knockout stages but boy was it close for a while. GW1 saw the narrowest of wins 91-90 over South Korea. The win essentially belongs to Sleep Talk whose 53 led by Ibra (c) saved Snowy and his 38, despite a Shirokov (c). In GW2 Snowy took up the slack delivering a 62, led by Gerrard (c) leaving Sleep Talk (48) and his Benzema (c) in his wake. This caused a defeat to the brilliant Brazilians. This left everything hangimg on a crucial GW3 encounter with Ghana. Mexico delivred, securing a 102-89 victory to secure passage into the knockouts. Things wrre more even this wek with Sleep Talk scoring 51 led by Rooney (c) whilst Snowy weighed in with 54, despite a Benzema (c) fail.

3rd – Ghana P3 W1 D0 L2 GD -24 Pts 3

A valiant effort from Ghana who came so very close to making it out, only to fall at the last. GW1 saw a 113-91 defeat by Brazil. Eoin’s 47 with Benzema (c) and Porkie’s Iniesta (c) for 42 being short of the mark required to overcome the brilliant Brazilians. But, as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them/ Eoin followed the lead of JK and Forca and stuck the (c) on Gomez for a score of 61 whilst Porkie went the lesser spotted 5-5-0 formation and a Dzagoev (c) for 53 to help Ghana on their way to a 114-104 victory over South Korea. But in GW3 the dream died as they suffered a 102-89 defeat to rivals Mexico, thus missing out on qualification. Eoin’s 47, with Benzema (c) and Porkie’s 42 with Iniesta (c) were just not enough to overcome Mexico.

4th South Korea P3 W0 D0 L3 GD -13 Pts 0

In the toughest group of all Evs and BonZ were just unable to match up, despite a valiant effort. GW1 saw them lose out by a single point to Mexico with Evs 53 led by Cassano (c) being led down by a 42 from BonZ with a benzema (c) fail. GW2 saw them fall victim to an in-from Forca meaning that even a 53 from Rvs with captain Benzema and 51 from BonZ with Dzagoev (c) was not enough to overcome the high flying boys from Ghana, with Eoin’s extra 10 from a Gomez (c) proving decisive. A GW3 meeting with already qualified Brazil offered little respite. This time there was just 2 points in it, but once agaain close but no cigar. A valiant effort in GW3 saw Evs claim another 53 with Cassano (c) but he was let down by BonZ (42 with Benzema (c). Maybe Evs needs a better partner next time.


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