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So with nearly gw2 fixtures finished, managers in the Friendly World Cup are awaiting the results of today's matches with great anticipation. With fantasy managers having saved plenty of ammo for group D, group standings are still up in the air. Here, I will take a look at what the standings currently stand and what players each country have left.
Group A

With Slovenia and Switzerland already standing on 3 pts, a win for both teams will see them progress with a game to spare. Switzerland(James Fitz and JK) are long odds on to progress as they have a commanding 37pt lead over Egypt(Huth the Daddy and ILa) but Egypt have an advantage today over the Swiss with 1 player extra today. The obvious differential being Dubuchy for the Egyptians.
Uruguay(4Vets and Emperikal) have a crucial 21pt lead over Slovenia in the other group match but Slovenia have 3 extra players yet to play. Slovenia(Aatish and Kostja) will be looking to their combined differentials in M. Ollsen, Ribery and Oxlade-Chamberlain to claw back the deficit.
All 8 managers have used their wildcard.

Group B

Brazil and Mexico are currently 1st and 2nd in group B after wins over Ghana and South Korea respectively. With Brazil and Mexico playing each other a win for either will almost guarantee progress. Ghana and South Korea are fighting for their tournament lives know a loss is an early exit.
Brazi(Forca and Epic Fail)l have amassed 100pts so far this game week and have a big lead of 26 over Mexico’s merry band of four(Sleep Talk, Snowy84 and honourable mascots Boomshakalaka and MsRed). Both teams have 8 players today. Mexico looking to Rami, Gerrard and Nasri to accumalate pts while Brazil will look to Debuchy to consolidate their advantage.
With Ghana(Eoin and Porkie) leading South Korea 95-73, victory is close. South Korea have a man advantage today with 9 players. A few differentials in this tie could swing it back in South Koreas favour(Evs and Bonz). M. Ollson x2, A.Cole, Evra and ibrahimovic up against Ghanas Debuchy x2, Young and Konoplyanka. This match aint over yet folks.
If South korea get a result Bonz’s wildcard could come in to play in gameweek 3.

Group C

Argentina and Japan lead the way in group c after wins over Ivory Coast and Serbia in the 1st gw. Just like group b, we have the top 2 teams playing each other knowing a win will all most guarantee progreesion to the next round. Ivory Coast and Serbia clinging on to tournament status by the fingernails.
Argentina amassed a whopping 106pts to lead Japan by 80pts coming to the end of gw2. Japan (Wazzagoal and Gerbil) have a extra player today with some interesting differentials with Mexes, Parker, Cabaye, Isaksson and Larsson carrying Japaness hopes. Argentina (Canadian football and Archie) hope Debuchyx2 and Yarmolenko will stave them off.
Serbia lead Ivory Coast in the losers go home clash 98-75 but Ivory Coast have 7 players to play as opposed to Serbia (Messimerized and Teddy) who only have 4. ivory Coast ( Mull and The Giggs Boson) will look to their differentials in Young, Gerrard and Lescott x2. Serbia hoping Larsson does the trick for them.
Interesting to note that Japan (Wazza'Gerbil) have activated the last wildcard in the group for gameweek 3.

Group D

USA and Chile lead the way in group D after wins against Turkey and Australia respectively. Once again we have a top 2 in the group facing off and a bottom 2 scraping for their lives!
Chile(Menly and Catmac) lead the top of the group clash with USA 90-82 and they also have 2 (8 vs 6) extra players too today with Debuchy x2, Young, Gerrard and Welbeck being their differentials of choice. USA (Goldstonemr and Gargarmel) have opted for Ribery and Granqvist as their differentials.
Turkey lead Australia(Shipstontrev and Bal4Tom) 87-75 in the bottom of the group clash. But Australia have 8 players as opposed to Turkeys (FC Borcelona and Optimus) 6. Turkey have Hart and M. Ollson as their differentials while the Aussies have Rami and Ibrahimovic as their differentials.
Turkey (FC Borcelona) has activated his wildcard for gameweek 3.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Sorry for any typos! 

Thanks to FFS UEFA for the easy links & and to Pratik for his LiveScore website

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