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Let me start this off by saying, Giggs Boson, I warned you about Mull, maybe next time you’ll take my advice seriously  .

JK Predicted in the group preview....

Ivory Coast

1st – Argentina – Record P3 W3 D0 L1 GD+42 Pts9

As with the other groups one team stepped up and dominated. In this case it was Archie and Canadian Football, representing Argentina. In GW1 we had what appeared at the start to be the key battle between Argentina and Ivory Coast. It proved to be anything but and Argentina romped to a 106-91 victory, which would be a sign of things to come for both teams. In GW1 Archie led the way with 59 points under the stewardship of Ibra (c) whilst Canadian weighed in with 49 and a cheeky Yarmolenko (c) punt that yielded 1o points. In GW2 it was Canadian’s turn to take the lead as Argentina defeated Japan 123-107. His 70 points was led by a Silva (c) success and backed by 2 CS plus Pilar, Dzagoev and Pirlo. Archie trailed behind this week coming in with 53, led by Dzagoev (c). GW3 saw the Argies seal their perfect record as they cruised to a 106-95 win over Serbia. Once again it was Canadian who led the way with a 64, led, inevitably by CR7 (c), supported by 4 CS including a English double. Archie (42) was left behind again as he suffered a Benzema (c) and a memory fail as he failed to bring Buffon and his 5 points off the bench for Chalkias and his 0. The USA await in the next round.

2nd – Japan – Record P3 W2 D0 L1 GD+2 Pts6

Sarnab and Djebil essentially secured 2nd spot in GW1 with a 113-103 victory over Serbia that ultimately ended up settling the battle for 2nd place. The 2 managers were fairly even in GW1 as Sarnab scored a fairly hefty 60, led by captain Shirokov (the actual Russian, not the Switzerland co-manager) and a rather unexpected Andersen CS and St. Ledger goal. It was quite a week for Sarnab would likely have claimed the Order of Valour, but for a certain Dane. His partner was not far behind on 53 with Dzagoev (c) leading the way along with a Lescott goal. But he was let down by a Szczseny red card and doubling on German attack, but not having Gomez. GW2 saw them lose out to Argentina and offer a glimmer of hope to Serbia. Gerbil proved the star this week, hitting 66 with Dzagoev (c) and Silva leading the way whilst it was Sarnab (41) with Nasri (c) who let the team down this GW with only Pirlo, Mexes and Alba claiming more than 3 points without the armband. But with Serbia having to play Argentina in GW3, a 110-102 victory over Ivory Coast, coupled with that opening win was enough. Sarnab’s 71 led, as ever, by Ronaldo (c) with an excellent display and Iniesta and Pirlo to back it up did the damage as Djerbil (39) appeared to be doing his best to throw it away with only Gomez, Alba and Buffon making it past 4 points. Chile await in the quarter-finals.

3rd – Serbia – Record P3 W1 D0 L2 GD0 Pts3

Teddy and Messimerized made a great fight of trying to get out of this group, but alas after their GW1 defeat to Japan it just wasn’t to be. A score of 51 for Teddy led by a failed Pique (c) punt and 52 from Messi led by that man Shirokov was just not enough, some extra Tekkers from Messi to switch the (c) to Mandzukic and this write-up would look very different. Fortunes improved in GW2 as they secured a 118-97 victory over a free-falling Ivory Coast to restore some hope. Messi atoned for his GW1 lack of Tekkers with 73, a total bested only by JK in GW2, was led by Silva (c) wit notable contributions from Dzagoev, Mandy and Benzema. Even a lacklustre 45 with a Debuchy (c) punt and that Danish Delhi bloke could not stop Serbia in this one. But alas for Serbia their hopes of qualifying rested on a victory over Argentina, and this was never likely with Teddy (52) led by CR7 (who else (c) and the Delhi man again and Messi’s 46 with a Benzema (c) fail despite his Order of Valour victory for Seb Larsson and his 11 points.

4th – Ivory Coast – Record P3 W0 D0 L3 GD-44 Pts0

Giggs Boson, I did warn you. GB carried this team from start to finish whilst Mull did what Mull does, sits back and lets things go tits up  . In GW1 GB did his best, coming home with an even 50 with Ibra (c), Kuba, Shirokov, Yarmolenko and Lescott all making significant contribtions. Mull meanwhile scored just 41 with a 5-4-1 formation, the only notables being Ibra (c) Ribery and Konoplyanka. In GW2 GB came in with the first of 2 consecutive 57s, led by Gerrard (c) with Selaiise, Alba, Dzag and Pilar all chipping in. Mull meanwhile went backwards, scoring 40 with a Young (c) fail and only Debuchy and Alba to write home about. In GW3 GBs other 57 was led by Cassano (c), with 3 CS in defence, plus Iniesta and Pilar. Mull at least upped his game, but still only managed 48 with the same 3 CS and a Benzema (c) fail being the only things of note. Ivory Coast go out in shame. But that’s what you get when you have Mull in an FFS Euro competition. 


Giggs Boson
21/06/2012 2:09pm

A resounding fail from the Ivory Coast! Aw well, plenty more silverware to be won!!


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