Written by JKISTHE1 (Ozil's Ceching In - Switzerland)

Chile – The Menly Mog (Menly and Catmac)

A true powerhouse. This time can rightly lay claim to being the heavy favourites in Group D. 2 regular posters who are always on hand for advice and (in Menly’s case) jokes. The 3rd of the South American top seeds will feel confident of progressing through to the quarter-finals. It will take an epic performance of luck, differentials and downright skullduggery to overcome this awesome pair. I expect them to advance comfortably before dishing out a lesson to some bloke known as Mull.

Prediction – 1st

Australia – Insane Ukraine (Shipstontrev and Bal4tom)

A strong pair, but the record of trev in the FFS Europa League does not fill one with any confidence as to their chances this time around. They also face some stiff oppostion, who we’ll get to later. Though I anticipate a close run contest I expect an early exit for this pair, bouncing out in the first round. If they can muster a good run they could go a long way, but I don’t forsee that happening.

Prediction -3rd

USA – Goldngarg (Goldstonemr and Gargamel)

A decent team here featuring a highly respected poster in the shape of Gargamel. That being said I don’t feel this team is strong enough to make progress in this group. It could be a real struggle for them to make an impression in a group with 2 outstanding pairs. I would argue this is the real life group C of the friendly world cup, with this pair being Ireland. May be tough to beat but with very little expected of them other than an early exit, but capable of springing a surprise if underestimated.

Prediction – 4th

Turkey – FC Boptimus (FC Borcelona and Optimus)

I rate this team very highly indeed and think they could be the surprise package of this competition.Optimus is coming in off the back of an FPL placing just outside 1k whilst FC Borcelona has been adding a very useful contribution to the FFS boards in recent weeks. This pair will be very tough to beat and can go into the tournament full of confidence. If they can keep it together they will give every team a problem to think about

Prediction – 2nd

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