Written by JKisthe (Switzerland)

JK Predicted

1st – Chile P3 W3 D0 L0 GD+58 Pts9

The 4th of the South American top seeds also stepped up to dominate their group, making Uruguay to only ones who failed to deliver  . Catmac and Hannah (aka Menly) cruised through the group. In GW1 Chile defeated Australia 102-88. Hanly led the way with 55 with that Shirkov bloke leading the way as (c), with St. Ledger, Kuba and Ibra also chipping in, not forgetting Di Natale of course. Catmac was not too far behind on 47 also with the Russian as skipper and Ibra, Kallstrom, Konoplyanka and Silva all offering 5 or 6 point contributions. GW2 saw a performance that rivaled that of the Swiss, as they stormed to a 124-98 win over USA. This week it was Catmac’s turn to carry the baton with an impressive 72 putting him 3rd in the FWC GW2 standings. Dzagoev (c) led the way with Silva, Pirlo, Debuchy and the lesser spotted Strinic all chipping in. Menly came in with 52 after no Dzagoev (c). But Benzema proved a better choice as it turned out. There were also significant contributions from Fabregas, Debuchy and Alba. GW3 saw maximum points wrapped up with a 107-89 win over Turkey. Menly again took up the reigns as he grabbed 62 with that old Ronaldo (c) again. There was also 4 CS from Cech, Alba, Lescott and Maniatis to compensate for a lack of points from the midfield and the other 2 forwards. Cat could only register 48 with a Tekkers (c) punt on Welbeck failing to deliver. Nonetheless, Cassano, Selaisse, Maniatis, Gerrard, Pirlo and Ozil all gave some reward. Japan wait in the quarters.

2nd – USA – Record P3 W2 D0 L1 GD+10 Pts 6

Goldy and Gargamel defied my prediction of a 4th placed finish to come out of the group in style. GW1 saw a 102-85 victory over Turkey. There was little to separate the 2 men in the first week. Goldy weighed in with 52, led by Mandy (c) with Ibra and Shirokov also providing returns. But Godly did own Chesney. Gargamel was not far behind on 50 with Shirokov (c) and Mandy leading the way and Kononplyanka providing 5 as well. In GW2 we have that defeat to a rampant Chile. One again we find the 2 men close score wise. This week it was Garg’s turn to get the higher one scoring 51, led by Benzema (c), Iniesta, Alba and Strinic. Goldy came in with 47 with a Nasri (c) fail. But Mandy, Dzagoev, Alba and Strinic all delivering some good points. This left USA needing to beat Australia in GW3 to be sure of qualification. This they did by 111-92. As a sign of just how good this team is, once again the difference in points was less than 5. Goldy was higher again this week with 58. Rooney (c) led the way with Robben, Iniesta, Alba, Maniatis, and a cheeky Granqvist punt paying off for him. Garg finished on 56 with 4 CS including a double England with Cassano and Iniesta chipping in with 6 each. Argentina await in the final round.

3rd – Australia – Record P3 W0 D1 L0 GD-33 Pts1

Ah, here we have something unique not just to the Friendly World Cup, but to the Euros as well, a draw, but more on that later. Trev and Tom just never got going in this competition after that opening defeat to Chile. In GW1 Tom carried the load heavily as he came in with 54, just one less than Menly. Ibra (c) led the way whilst Lew, Shirokov and Mandy all made an appearance in his team. But he was let down in a huge way by Trev who scored a meagre 34 with the only notable contributions being Jelly and Shirokov, with a Benzema (c) fail and Chesney to boot not a great start. Now then GW2 saw that draw an incredible 116-116 affair with Turkey. Trev reedemed himself this week, coming in with a 59 with Benzema (c), Strinic Alba, Dzag and Pirlo all weighing in. Tom was close behind on 57 with a 2nd Benzema (c) plus Dzag, Mandy and Alba to make another score above 50. GW3 saw regression as Tom delivered just 48 through Ozil (c), Cassano, Iniesta plus Lescott and Alba, and Trev claiming 44 with Gomez (c), Iniesta, Alba and Pirlo.

4th – Turkey – Record P3 W0 D1 L2 GD-35 Pts1

My tip as Dark Horses never got out of neutral here. GW1 saw an inauspicious start with Optimus scoring 47 led by that Russian bloke beginning with S, Kuba and Jelly making telling contributions, but he was let down by Chesney .Borcelona scored just 38 with Ibra captain and that Shirokov bloke being his only notable contributors. They both redeemed themselves in that famous draw however. Borcelona scored a 56 led by Benz (c) and Alba. He was rewarded with 5 points for an Obraniak punt and 7 points for joining JK on the Rami trin. But Optimus claimed top scorer honours again as he also joined JK, this time in choosing Torres, and was rewarded with 10 points, a captain switch here would have delivered victory, but Optimus played safe and stuck on his 14 from Dzagoev.. Other notable contributors were Mandy, Selaisse and Debuchy. But it was downhill in GW3 as neither man hit 50. Borcelona led the way with 46 with Buffon, Alba, Limbersky and Pirlo his main contributors. Optimus was not far behind on 43 with Iniesta, Maniatis, Limberksy and Lescott being his notables. There as a Benzema (c) failure thrown in. This team just never found a rythm.


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