Written by JKisthe1 (Switzerland)

JK predicted in the group preview

1st – Switzerland – Record P3, W3, D0, L0 GD +68 Pts. 9

A dominant performance by JK and James_Fitz marks them out as a team to watch as the competition progresses. It began well for James and JK as scores of 53 and 57 respectively saw them secure a comfortable win in their opening tie v Uruguay, aided by JKs (at the time) outrageous punt on Krohn-Delhi and James-Fitz captaining of 2 goal midfielder Mario Mandzukic. Even the schoolboy error of leaving Shirokov’s 8 points on the bench could not slow the juggernaut. In week 2 it was left for JK to carry the load as his 81 points as part of one the biggest GWs in FFS history helped the Swiss run through the struggling Eyptians. James-Fitz scored a respectable 56 to aid his team-mate on the way to a 137-96 victory that helps explain that high GD. But the roles reversed in GW3. Whilst JK struggled to reach those heights again, scoring just 44, James_Fitz showed what could prove to be invaluable consistency weighing in with 60, for a 3rd straight 50 or more GW score. This helped the Swiss see off the challenge of Slovenia,who could have stolen group top spot, 104-96. The Mexicans await in the next round.

2nd – Uruguay Record P3 W2 D0 L1 GD +3 Pts 6

The team of 4Vets and Emerikal make it through to the quarter-finals despite their opening GW defeat. We have already seen what led to the downfall of Uruguay in GW1, so let’s analyse why their form picked up. 4Vets unleashed his wc in GW2, but managed to score less than in GW1, but he was bailed on by Emperikal who recovered from shipping Pilar to Fortounis to gain 26 points from a Silva captaincy that saw his side beat Slovenia 107-100. Vets redeemed himself in GW3 by outscoring his team-mate 62-58 on the way to a win over Egypt. Led by Ronaldo (c) Vets finally got his tournament up and running, whilst 3 defensive clean sheets aided him along the way Emperikal laid down great support with another Ronaldo (c) and 2 clean sheets, plus Pirlo. But the fearsome Brazilians are waiting in round 2.

3rd – Slovenia. Record P3 W1 D0 L2 Gd +4 Pts3

The duo of Aatish and Kostja began well, scoring a win over Egypt, but it went downhill from there.A 113-92 win in GW1 was led by Aatish on 60, thanks to double defensive goals for St. Ledger and Lescott, alongside Shirokov and 3 scoring strikers. Kostja weighed in with 53 led primarily by a Dzagoev (c). This seemed to point the way forward, but alas it wasn’t to be. A score of just 39 from Aatish helped Uruguay secure a much needed win, despite the best efforts of Kostja (61) led by captain Benzema. In GW3 the Slovenians needed a win over Switzerland to qualify, but it just wasn’t to be. Scores of 49 (Aatish and 48 (Kostja) were not high enough despite JKs miserable 44. The lack of any Ronaldo in this GW is the main reason the scores were so low, though a Debuchy (c) punt by Kostja could have proved decisive.

4th – Egypt Record P3 W0 D0 L3 GD -75 Pts0

The team of Huth you Daddy and ILA never got going in this tournament and faced some stiff opposition. Let down by Huth (39) in GW1 they suffered an opening defeat to Slovenia and never recovered, despite the best efforts of ILA (53) led by captain Ibra. In GW2 it was role reversal time as ILA scored just 39 whilst Huth delivered the first of 2 consecutive 57s, led by Benzema (c). But that 57 was just 1 better than Switzerland’s James_Fitz, meaning that they lost out heavily by being unfortunate to come up against JK on a hot-streak. They rallied well in the final GW scoring 57 and 56 respectively led by Roanldo (c) for Huth and Pirlo (c) for ILA, but it was not enough against in-form Uruguay and their double Ronaldo (c). They exit the group like anyone who gained fame on Big Brother, pointless.

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