Written by JKISTHE1 (Ozil's Ceching In - Switzerland)

Argentina – The Candian Jelavic (Candian Football and Archie)

A very powerful team this Argentine/Croatian/Candian axis team can rightly expect to be highly fancied in this competition. Canadian Football will be hoping to transfer his FPL form to this contest, whilst Archie will hope to follow his beloved Liverpool into the Euros. The team name implies that much faith has been placed in Nikica Jelavic, but with a price tag of just 5.0 he represents a risk well worth taking. This team could do very well in this tournament.

Prediction – 1st

Ivory Coast – The Mull Boson (Mull and The Giggs Boson)

The Giggs Boson really should be more careful over who teams up with. Mull has a nasty habit of ruining perfectly good European campaigns. He may win a few matches, but when he loses he loses badly (a -100 gd anyone?). That being said this is still a strong team who will feel confident of progressing to the knockout stages. Mull offers a team packed with differentials and the Giggs Boson offers a decent nous for picking the right player that will make this team difficult to beat. That being said I still feel 2nd place might be all they can hope for.

Prediction – 2nd
Japan – Wazz-’Erbil (Wazza-Goal and Djerbil)

Wazza-Goal (aka Sarnab) had better get used to losing  . Although he has a strong partner he is a group with 2 very good pairings and this might make progress very difficult. That being said, both of these men have proved themselves to be very strong players who should make a strong team. Their opponents should underestimate them at their peril, and if they happen to come up against Mull on a bad day then there could be some fireworks. Alas I still an early elimination, albeit a close one.

Prediction – 3rd

Serbia – Gdansk for the memories (Teddy and Messimerized)

Despite having the 2nd best team name in the tounament, I predict this will be a struggle for this team. Although both are talented players they face an uphill task against 3 very strong teams and this could prove to be just too much for them. That being said, I expect a strong performance and this team will not lose games by much, but a loss is a loss and with only 3 games to play even 1 defeat could prove enough and I forsee a tough task to overcome Wazz’Erbil, though they may get help against Sarnab. 

Prediction – 4th

The Giggs Boson
07/06/2012 4:28pm

Thanks again for writing this JKISTHE1. I think the first game Argentina vs Ivory Coast will be crucial and it is one The Mull Boson is confident in winning. This is why i believe we'll finish the group first ;)


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