With the deadline past and applications now closed, here's a list of the official applicants for your viewing pleasure. Comment below which your favorite pairs and team names are and who you think the favorites to win it all are. 

The Organizer Teams (automatic entry): 
  • Parmanista  (The Parmtree + Milanista)
  • Symbolic Tryst (TW + Pratik)
  • Goran for cover (Udit + Daniel)
  • G-G-Glorious Bastianerds (ENR + Mark)

The Applicant Teams (37 teams all vying for the 28 remaining spots):
  • Ozil's Ceching In (James_Fitz + JKISTHE1)
  • The Mull Boson (The Giggs Boson + Mull)
  • Chicken Kiev (Doosra + Ginkapo)
  • The Glory Hunters (FORCA Inter + EPICFAIL)
  • The Canadian Jelavic (Canadian Football + Archie)
  • The Menez who stare at Götze (Childish Gambino + Mac)
  • The Menez who stare at Götze (Childish Gambino + Mac)
  • Jamzty (Camzy + Jonty)
  • Lone Rangers (COLDPLAY + TUCHAP)
  • Baltic Curry (AATISH + KOSTJA)
  • FC Boptimus (FC Borecelona + Optimus)
  • Gigging Beric (Beric + Gigging Order)
  • Long Cox up the Duff (Eoin + Pork Pie Sausage Roll)
  • Insane Ukraine (Shipstontrev + Bal4Tom)
  • Statlero Waldorfski (Christina + Sporting ABG)
  • A DrinkyDoodle of Cola Water (Drinky + Roscola)
  • Wazz-'Erbil (WazzaGoal + DJERBIL)
  • Knightinator (isacki + The Light Knight)
  • Ms. Cabaye (Ms.Red19 + Cabaye4)
  • Lightstrike FC (Emmanuel + Shawn)
  • The Abominable Stalkers (Sleep Talk + Snowy84)
  • The Dynamic Hillbillies (Hillbillypete + Dynamic)
  • Count of Monte Boom Boom (Count of Monte Hristo + Boom Shakalaka)
  • Not AC Just DC (Declan + Chazza)
  • El Nino's Rulers (Huth your Daddy? + ILA)
  • macs (Eoin McIntyre + Niall McIntrye)
  • Brendan Ferguson? FFS! (Emperikal + 4vets)
  • Demented Jafas (Jafalad + Demented Flamingo)
  • The Manly Mog (Catmac + Menly Men)
  • The Gaz Ketsus - With Beauty! With Care! With Speed!  (Billy Ketsu + Gaz Downright)
  • GoldnGarg (Goldstonemr + Gargamel)
  • Gdansk for the memories (Teddy + Messimerized)
  • Who got the keys to benzema? (China Mag + In Like Flynn)
  • Cranium Krusherz ( Chrissy Waddle - Diamond Lights Up the Owls  + FuzzyWarbles)
  • BonEvs petit (Evs + BonZ)
  • Happy Knitting (HappyAnkit + Nitin Nagaraja)
  • Team Hazard (Michelin + Yash)
  • (TommyTour + SuperDunny)


04/06/2012 2:12am

Hey guys, didn't realize you were planning to over subscribe the leagues. Assumed you would limit to 32 and the application/selection idea is around putting teams into the Top and Second league. Any chance you will do a 3rd league so people don't miss out and select 7 teams to be in the Top and 3rd league??

04/06/2012 2:19am

Wish they spelled my name correct

04/06/2012 2:24am

we weren't planning to over subscribe the leagues, we were just planning on accepting as many entries as there were in order to allow everyone a chance to apply. sorry mate thats the way the rules work, was pretty clear in the rules and guidelines section I believe.

04/06/2012 2:57am

Doesnt matter was only a suggestion.

04/06/2012 5:54am

My favourites are Chicken Kiev & Menez who stare at Gotze. Both for names and prospects...


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