Unlike Archimedes who leaped from his brimful bath, elated at his flash of insight into a puzzling problem, and then having bustled past people in the street naked, dripping and shouting “Eureka!” (I have found it!),I am fortunate enough to say that mine had few parallels with him. It began with the browser coming to a complete halt after having opened up 10 different fpl teams in a frightful hurry. Of course, I had my justifications to do so as I wanted to view the live scores of my friend’s teams after RVP's massive 23pt haul against Blackburn. This was what instigated the sudden realization of the problem. My professors at college often said that realization of a problem is a part of the solution. I must point out here, that they were wrong as usual. I was as clueless as it gets when it came to the solution.
Again, unlike Archimedes, it took up to 3 months for my eureka moment to arrive which was in the midst of a course in Web Programming. I eventually ended up created a website in which we can see the live scores (real-time updates) of all our rivals. I have come up with a script that will automatically crawl through the contents of various WebPages (up to 100 players), and take out their latest fantasy scores. This saves us the manual labor of going through each team. So every time to view the latest scores, I simply run that script once. In fact, once any one refreshes the page, the changes are reflected for everyone. Currently this retrieves the scores for all the players in both the competitions organized by the UEFA Council.

FFS EURO ( www.precisely.me/blog/euro )
And Friendly World Cup ( www.precisely.me/blog/friendlywc )

For those on Internet Explorer/Mobile/Ipad, check out the simpler websites
FFS EURO ( www.precisely.me/blog/meuro )
And Friendly World Cup ( www.precisely.me/blog/mfriendlywc )

Sadly, McD doesn't update the total score real-time, so we all have to settle for daily updates. All the teams are linked and we also have additional links to the UEFA headquarters. The real benefit of this should be visible when we are back to FPL. Hopefully in the coming months, I will also try and create a log-in facility, where you can see the live updates to all the leagues you have joined in fpl. But that's for the future.

As of now enjoy the Euro's, I know I am off to a pathetic start.

P.S. - If any id's are wrongly linked, please inform a member of the UEFA Council who will get in touch with me. Also, if there is a problem with the clarity of text for any of you, simply switch to the simpler alternatives of the website. 

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