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Spain – TW & Pratik (Symbolic Tryst)
FPL Ranks – 73,579 & 5,097

How they met – an office romance, the pair cumming together at UEFA HQ.

The Team

Fears of corruption are swirling around Group C, with both managers being onboard the UEFA committee a close eye will need to be kept on the scores recorded in this group.

The pairing had mixed Champions League campaigns, with TW finishing bottom in the ‘Group of Death’ while Pratik made it to the quarters before being eliminated by runner up Fratboy. They will be looking to use the experience gained from the elite European club competition to make an impact in the Euros. With Croatia co-manager TommyTour one of the teams to progress at TW’s expense, the matchday 3 fixture is already looking like a grudge match.

Group prospects – fighting it out for the runners up spot
Italy – Milanista & Parmtree (Parmanista)
FPL Ranks – 2,605 & 27,001

How they met – online dating. In the murky world of the internet, young Parmtree responded to a lonely hearts ad on FFS and before he knew it was partnered with an older man.

The Team

There may be a betting scandal going on but, for a change, corruption worries in this group are not focused on the Italian’s. In fact, the threat of Italy sending the Mafia around should keep the Spanish in check.

Both had mediocre campaigns in the inaugural Europa League, with a pair of third place finishes. Milanista can claim to hold the only victory over Europa League winner Duffman, whichever team loses to Parmanista but manages to progress from the group can hope it is an omen for their prospects in the Euros. Despite a poor European history Group C rivals best watch out as the bookies have made Parmanista overwhelming favourites to lift the trophy.

Group prospects – winners, obviously

Croatia – TommyTour59 & SuperDunny (SuperTourists 59)
FPL Ranks – 330 & top 1k

How they met – an end of holiday fling. No sooner had Tommy got off the plane was he being asked to join up with Dunny. While the rest of the FFS community waited for these two to get their bloody application in it quickly became apparent that they were spending some quiet time together as neither were to be seen around the hallowed halls of FFS.

The Team

G-G-Glorious Bastianerds aside, this team boasts possibly the highest average FPL rank in the competition and will surely be confident of progression. However, as both Manchester clubs found out this season, strong domestic performance does not always translate to the European stage.

SuperDunny is making his first appearance in a UEFA FFS competition. TommyTour managed to progress from the Champions League’s Group of Death before suffering the indignity of a second round exit to Rukawa.

Group prospects – fighting it out for the runners up spot

Republic of Ireland – Christina & Sporting ABG (Statlero Waldorfski)
FPL Ranks – Top 10k & 7,339

How they met – it is unclear how these two paired up. Rumours are circulating that the partnership is the result of a drunken meet late one night, with each manager viewing the other as the last resort for gratification.

The Team

It seems a long time since plucky underdogs The Republic of Ireland have made it to the finals of a major international competition. That they are being managed by two debutants in FFS UEFA competition only adds weight to the underdogs tag. On closer inspection, both attained strong rankings in FPL and they could be the tournaments dark horses.

Group prospects – internal strife seems to be running riot amongst this pairing. With their exchanges consisting mainly of insults, this team’s campaign could end up as something of a car crash. 

Names are so restricting
06/06/2012 5:46pm

Statlero Waldorfski as the dark horses? Well Chicken Kiev would like to disagree. Our pedigree in being completely unexpected is far greater.


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