Day 2 provided a huge shock with the Dutch succumbing to the Danes 1-0. To their credit a few brave souls did invest in the Danish attack – Doosra going for Dennis Rommedahl (0.8%) and Sporting ABG going for Christian Eriksen (9.5%). The only attacking points of the game, though, went to king of the differentials Michael Krohn-Dehli (0.3%). There was reward, however, for those who picked the seemingly suicidal option of Andersen (2.9%) in goal. Mark and TommyTour were rewarded by an unexpected clean sheet and a 7 point payoff. Big kudos to them, and as the first big successful gamble so far, this puts them as frontrunners for now.

Tonight is perfectly written to be another underdog story. We have Spain v Italy first up followed by Croatia v Ireland, with the Italian and Irish defences the homes of the brave. Surely no-one could be crazy enough to go for their attack? Not when Doosra is in the house. Fresh from his Rommedahl punt, he’s chosen Italian bolt from the blue Antonio Cassano (1.5%) to score against Spain! Similarly in search of glory are Daniel and ENR who have both gone for Irish midfielder Aiden McGeady (4.4%) and Camzy who has gone for Andrews (12.9%). While ownership of these bargain basement picks looks relatively high, neither is particularly fancied on FFS, and recovered balls may have played a part in their thinking.

Onto the defences then, and we have an impressive list of players with the chutzpah to back the Italian and Irish backlines. Bonucci (1.7%) is backed by champion risk-taker Doosra and Childish Gambino, while Balzaretti (1%) is backed by SuperDunny and Mac. With continuing uncertainty over whether Italy will play 3-5-2, they also get the credit of having made a gamble on the starting lineups. Those who plumped for the boys in green picked three separate defenders, quite possibly distinguishing between them based on recovered balls. China Mag went for block machine Dunne (4.8%), Ginkapo and Isacki went for St Ledger (0.9%) and Mac and Jonty for FPL favourite Ward (1.2%). Finally, as the cheapest decent goalkeeper in the game, Shay Given (10.5%) was an extremely popular option in countless squads across FFS, and so won’t be considered as a differential for the Order of Extreme Valour.

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10/6/2012 09:14:22 am

Ahem, I know it was mentioned in the article above, but my Krohn-Delhi pick does not get a mention. Poor form boys.

10/6/2012 10:13:56 am

At this rate we might need a big banner on the site saying "THERE ARE TWO AWARDS!!!!" :D


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