With the FFS Friendly World Cup grabbing recent headlines for a spate of outrageous differentials, the Empire of FFS Euro 2012 has very much struck back. Counting up the differentials this Matchday, defined as a player owned by 3 or fewer managers, we have exactly the same number as those in the Friendly World Cup last Matchday – 58!

In last night’s action Greece shocked Russia 1-0, seemingly disappointing pretty much every manager except Mark who bagged a totally improbable clean sheet and a save point from Sifakis (7 points). With the only goal coming from midfielder Karagounis, everyone who backed the Russian and Greek attacks, as well as those who picked Russian defenders, drew a blank. The Czech Republic also overcame Poland 1-0 and this produced slightly more joy. The Light Knight picked up a clean sheet from Cech (7 points), which was a brave gamble for anyone who had actually watched him play. The biggest winners of the round were ironically the already-eliminated duo of ENR and Mark who correctly predicted the goalscorer Jiracek (8 points). Quite a bullseye in that midfield, and you’d have to say Jiracek and Sifakis are pretty neck and neck for the lead. Good going ENR and Mark.

Tonight in Day 2 the titans clash in the Group of Death. Germany v Denmark is first up, with a German whitewash predicted –perhaps even more expected than the Russian win, mind you. German differentials include non-starting Klose (ENR – presumably going absolutely mental with the differentials this round??), Hummels (Jafalad, Camzy), Muller (Count of Monte Hristo, The Light Knight) and my favourite midfield choice Schweinsteiger (Doosra, Super Dunny). Going forward or going back, that man is a machine, and with that ringing endorsement the worst match of his career is inevitable. Did anyone go for the Danes? We are in the presence of players of extreme valour. Of course they did! None other than Doosra went for the harebrained option of Jacobsen, while his comrade-in-craziness Ginkapo has gone for fantasy legend Krohn-Dehli. Finally, the insanity continues with. Ginkapo, ENR and Gaz Downright choosing Poulsen.

In the tricky Netherlands v Portugal game, a few have grimly stuck to their guns and embraced Dutch strikers, who now are in the surprise position of differentials. Van Persie has been backed by only two (Mark and Demented Flamingo), while Huntelaar was picked up by Tommy Tour and ENR. One-man am-dram Robben has been backed to fire his selfish way to glory by Demented Flamingo, In Like Flynn and Jonty. Portuguese defenders and midfielders have been punted upon by a select few. It’s slightly unnerving that goalkeeper Rui Patricio has been picked only by me and sacked French manager ENR. Joao Pereira has been endorsed by Chrissy Waddle, rampaging fullback Coentrao by The Light Knight and Roscola, and midfielder Joao Moutinho by that man Ginkapo. Finally, we have Luis Almeida da Cunha – also known as Nani – owned by our adventurous Chrissy Waddle.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 Report and preview of Day 3!

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