FFS Friendly World Cup 2012 – Matchday 2 Day 3 Report - FFS UEFA
Opening shot of a man walking past an old beggar on the street and throwing a coin into his hat
“Thank you, young man.”
Extreme close-up of the old beggar’s wrinkly face
“Listen to what I have to say.”
The man walks over tentatively
“Gomez. Get Gomez. He’s gonna score twice.”
“What?? Against the Netherlands? What’s his record like for Germany anyway??”
“Take it or leave it. Michael Krohn-Dehli, too.”
“You’re having a laugh. Lightning doesn’t strike twice!”
Extreme close-up of the beggar’s eyes
“You’re crazy!!!!!”
“Only two people have listened to me today. Their names are JKisthe1 and Optimus. Blessed are they, for they shall inherit the points.”

So with that exhaustive overview of Day 3′s action out of the way, we look ahead to tonight’s matches with France v Ukraine our appetiser and England v Sweden offering the hefty main course. You know what, you FFS Friendly World Cup guys are absolutely amazing. There is no other way to put it. Do you know how many differentials were selected tonight, on the final night of action? 17. Yes, 17 players were selected by 3 or fewer managers. FFS Euro 2012 eat your heart out.

Long breath. Okay, Ukrainians first. We have dual wingers Konoplayanka (Eoin) and Yarmolenko (Canadian Football). For France we have Mexes (WazzaGoal), Rami (FC Borecelona, JKisthe1, Snowy84), pricey Evra (BonZ), interesting midfield choice Cabaye (Djerbil) and model of the year Ribery (Aatish, Gargamel). For Sweden it’s keeper Isaksson (Djerbil), defender Granqvist (Goldstonemr), winger Larsson (Djerbil, Messimerized) and everyone’s favourite striker Ibrahimovic (FC Borecelona, BonZ). And finally, those who picked English differentials went for rock-solid Hart (Archie, WazzaGoal, Shipstontrev). Ashley Cole (BonZ), card machine Parker (WazzaGoal), Gerrard (Giggs Boson, Catmac, Snowy84) and Welbeck (Catmac, Huth Your Daddy). Oh wait, there’s one more. Yes, none other than my favourite England player, the Ox himself. Kostja picked Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Special thanks to those who just keep picking differentials. While the award will, as stated on the website, be given based on the best individual pick, you’re just giving yourself more chances to win.

This is the final report of Matchday 2. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Friendly World Cup Matchday 2 Order of Extreme Valour after Day 4′s action finishes!

Meanwhile, catch some manager reactions here

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