Here we are at Matchday 3 and it is the final opportunity for half of the FWC managers to win an Order of Extreme Valour Award. Without further ado, let’s kick things off with a review of last night’s acts of bravery.

After a couple of shock 1-0′s, we have been left applauding 2 noble defensive choices. Sleep Talk chose a different path to the Greek defence, settling on Papadopoulous over the cheaper and more popular Maniatis. His courage was rewarded by an extra point and that warm fuzzy feeling one gets when mentioned in one of these posts. Forca Inter also distinguished himself from the crowd by choosing FFS nobody, Sivok. The unexpected shut out for the Czechs no doubt delighted our mild mannered Croatian. In an otherwise quiet night, Bal4tom’s selection of Salpingidis was certainly valiant in it’s intention if not in it’s delivery.

Looking forward to tonight’s games, there is far more scope for successful punts. Predictably the Germans and Dutch have the largest pool of selected differentials including: Sneijder (Porkie and Evs), Muller(Porkie), Huntelaar(Optimus), Badstuber(BonZ), Schweinsteiger(FC Borcelona) and Khedira(Shipstontrev and Snowy) As far as tonight’s underdogs go, we see a possibly inspired choice of Denmark’s Zimling by The Giggs Boson. Two truely courageous managers are standing on the brink of fame and glory by selecting players from the Danish and Portuguese defences, with BonZ choosing Jacobsen from the former and Epic Fail going with Perreira.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 Report and preview of Day 3!

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