Ladies and gentlemen, I am relieved to announce that we have had our first differential goalscorer of the week. In a role reversal of a couple of Matchdays ago, Menly’s Di Natale started last night for the first time in the tournament and failed to do anything of note except lose his supersub title to his replacement, Balotelli. “Super Mario” was only selected by one valorous manager, Slovenia’s Kostja. Unfortunately, one brave decision back fired when Andrews earned himself a red card for dissent, no doubt enraging his boss, Sleep Talk.

Tonight, the chants from the dugouts of our noble managers are a heady mixture of “Allez les Bleus” and “Come on Eng-er-land”. From the French team, Aatish and Gargamel have chosen Ribery over the more popular Nasri, while JK is the only one with central defender Rami. As far as the Euro 2012 winners-elect go, we see assist merchant Gerrard bravely picked by Catmac, Snowy and The Giggs Boson while Huth your Daddy and Catmac ( a true Anglophile) have gone for Welbeck. Elsewhere in the group, Messimerized has selected set piece specialist Larsson from the already eliminated Swedish team and Canadian Football has shown a lack of faith in the English backline by choosing Yarmolenko.

This is the final report of Matchday 3. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Friendly World Cup Matchday 3 Order of Extreme Valour after Day 4′s action finishes!

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