Note: This is the report for the FFS Friendly World Cup only; there is a separate report for the FFS Euro 2012

” You’ll never beat the Irish”, a phrase many of our courageous selectors seemed to have based their decisions on for yesterday’s match. However, the Boys in Green failed to deliver and their 3-1 defeat to the Croatians left the honourable owners of Andrews (Kostja, Mull, BonZ and Djerbil), Dunne (Catmac and Optimus) and Keane(Shipstontrev) with another disappointing 2 pointer. However, the unlikely goalscorer that is St.Ledger proved what is possible by showing guts with an 8 point haul that no doubt pleased Menly, Aatish and Wazzagoal. A mention must also go to Sleep Talk, whose distinctive choice of McGeady, while not a resounding success, would have given some feeling of satisfaction with an assist. We also salute those who, despite their admirable attempts, did not find success from outside the Irish team. Alonso had no penalty to reward Mull and Menly, Bonucci failed to deny the Spanish attack for Teddy and Eoin was frustrated by Vida’s no show . On a more positive note, Di Natale’s goal from the bench gave Menly his second success of the evening from 3 valorous attempts.

Looking ahead to tonight’s fixtures, the Ukrainian attack has been viewed as a good potential source of points against the Swedish backline on FFS. Initially, Yarmolenko was seen as the differential of choice, but his new found popularity coupled with an injury scare last week led some brave managers to find a differential to the original differential. Step forward Mr. Konoplyanka and your band of steely owners: Gargamel, Catmac, Mull, Snowy, Forca and JK. Elsewhere in the group, the England-France match yields 3 choices of interest. ILA has faith in the English rearguard, namely Lescott, to keep the French onslaught at bay while Snowy believes Young will have a major hand in any goals at the other end. Djerbil alone has gone with a surprising French player, Toon passmaster Cabaye .

This is the final report of Matchday 1. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Friendly World Cup Matchday 1 Order of Extreme Valour after Day 4′s action finishes!

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