Due to real life concerns shamefully intervening, this report has been delayed and is being written at the rate of knots with the Spain v Ireland slaughter/upset about to kick off (head straight to the bottom if you can’t be bothered to read the rest of the report – THERE IS A BIG SURPRISE).

A quick overview of Day 2 first. The long and the short of it is that the hits just keep coming. Krohn-Dehli struck gold yet again with 5 points for Teddy… and presumably a pang of disappointment from his now famous/infamous (delete as appropriate) ex-owner JKisthe1. In the same game, Portugal fullback Fabio Coentrao nicked an assist for the winner to return 5 points for his owners Forca Inter and a very much cheered up JKisthe1.But there were still more hits, and even bigger ones at that. All were big names neglected due to their monster Germany v Netherlands fixture. BonZ and Kostja were rewarded for keeping faith with Van Persie, as he scored to give them a long-overdue 6 point return. Wesley Sneijder finally got some deserved attacking points with 5 points for his owners Porkie, Djerbil and Evs, and the biggest hit of all was German striker Mario Gomez whose acclaimed double struck 10 point gold for JKisthe1, Forca Inter and Eoin. Considering the fixture and his somewhat underappreciated reputation, this puts his owners very much in the lead at this halfway point. It may come down to who captained him!

In tonight’s matches the Italy v Croatia fixture has already been played out – and unfortunately our brave punts have not seen reward. These were Di Natale (Menly), Thiago Motta (Mull) and Marchisio (JKisthe1, Gargamel).

Spain v Ireland kicks off minutes after I post this. Defensive picks on the Spanish side are Casillas (BonZ) and Pique (Snowy84). Astoundingly, someone has picked Shay Given – take a bow, FC Borecelona. Does he know something we don’t?

Wait… what’s this… breaking news is coming in… FERNANDO TORRES is starting! Against Ireland! … and what’s this… JKisthe1 and Optimus have selected him! Scenes! Madness! The stadium is rocking! Hang on the Croatian fans are letting off fireworks… stop throwing that, FORCA INTER!! We have to interrupt this report! I’ll get back to you later!!

Stay tuned for our Day 3 Report and preview of Day 4!

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