As the hobby of watching paint dry exploded in popularity during last night’s Spain-France snoozefest, the simple story was that Spanish differentials won and French differentials lost. Nasri and Cabaye were lucky to get touches on the ball, let alone points, in a limp French performance. Spanish defenders finally returned a high-price clean sheet, with Sergio Ramos bagging 6 points for Teddy and Arbeloa 7 points for Mull.
There could only be one winner in fantasy terms, though, and after Shirokov-gate, it is almost as if fantasy karma has richly rewarded him. Is there a “James Fitz” anywhere in the audience? Anywhere? You, young man, step up to the front. Xabi Alonso’s penalty and headed goal scooped him a monster haul of 14 points, which to my mind is a record valour score before captaincy bonus. While some did include Alonso for his penalties, I doubt anyone saw him scoring in open play. James_Fitz now begins a new post at the Institute of Futurology. My warmest wishes to him.

Tonight is the day English dreams explode or die. Meeting Italy in the quarter-finals, the differentials mainly lie on the Italian side. Canadian Football has gone for Italian keeper Buffon, while there are plenty of takers for the Italian defence, including Barzagli (Menly, FC Borecelona), Balzaretti (James_Fitz) and Abate (Kostja). Marchisio is picked by Bal4Tom, Sleep Talk and Forca Inter. Up front for Italy we have one-man disaster zone Balotelli (that valour freak James_Fitz again) and Cassano (Djerbil, BonZ, Teddy).

There are only two lone managers blowing the horn for English differentials – with Rooney and Welbeck owned by a respectable 6 and 5 managers respectively. Shipstontrev and Aatish chose Joe Hart. My hopes go with them…

UPDATE: I would just like to confirm that according to the teamsheets being posted up, all of our differentials are starting tonight!

This is the final report of Matchday 4. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Friendly World Cup Matchday 4 Order of Extreme Valour tomorrow!

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