Note: This is the report for the FFS Euro 2012 award only; there is a separate report for the FFS Friendly World Cup!

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you but in just our 2nd report of this Matchday, ENR has found himself dominating this award. He was the only manager brave enough to spend 8.0 on a German defender and got rewarded heavily when Lahm scored against the Greeks. Both he and In Like Flynn selected Khedira who scored his second ever international goal last night with a venomous volley. Both of these differentials are however dwarfed by ENR’s decision to pick (and allegedly captain) Greek forward Salpingidis. His goal and assist have left his owner delighted and no doubt left him confident of claiming his 2nd Order of Extreme Valour Award.

Looking towards tonight’s game, we can see a wide selection of French and Spanish differential players. From Les Bleus, Diarra(Sporting ABG), Cabye(Doosra, Ginkapo and Roscola), M’Villa(Gaz) and Koscielny(ENR and Ginkapo) have all been courageously chosen despite them facing the World Champions. As for the Spaniards, supersub Navas is Ginkapo’s 3rd player involved in this evening’s match. Ramos has been selected by that man again, ENR, Pique has found himself in Milanista’s squad while Drinky and Parmtree are valiantly hoping for a Spanish penalty with Alonso in their team

Stay tuned for our Day 3 report and preview of Day 4!

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