So here’s our first progress review of Euro 2012! With every manager’s squad released following the Matchday 1 deadline, we’ve now peeked through the squads to spot contenders of valour!

First, let’s review today’s results. With no clean sheets, the big winners today in points order were Dzagoev (6.8%), Shirokov (13.5%) and Lewandowski (23%). With the latter two in widespread ownership, and the first an FFS bandwagon owned by a large number of participating managers, the valour was somewhat diminished. The most valorous pick today would have been the Polish substitute goalkeeper who saved the Greek penalty – Tyton, as everyone knows – but unsurprisingly, no-one was unhinged enough to choose him. I feel I should name Childish Gambino for plumping for the spectacularly unpopular Greek striker Gekas (0.8%). Unfortunately it didn’t come off.

So what feats of valour tantalize us tomorrow? Tomorrow brings us Netherlands v Denmark and Germany v Portugal. While Germany and Portugal is barren ground for surprises, the Danish offer potential for gloriously loopy picks, and inevitably, here it comes: Yes, Doosra has picked Danish striker Dennis Rommedahl (0.8%) to score against the Netherlands, and while the site won’t let us verify this yet, it is understood he is also on captaincy. Bloody hell, someone give that man a medal. What else do we have? Sporting ABG has sportingly gone for Christian Eriksen (9.5%)! While his ownership is relatively high, he is a non-starter on FFS boards and we have to say that is a gamble! A few brave or extremely stingy souls (Mark and TommyTour) have also gone for Danish keeper Andersen (2.9%). A clean sheet would be startling. If he saves a penalty, the phones will start ringing…

Stay tuned for our Day 2 report and preview of Day 3!

9/6/2012 01:03:33

I have Anderson.. Where is my name ?? ;)

9/6/2012 05:13:59

Haha worry not. Everyone will be credited. This is the FFS Euro 2012 report but you're in the Friendly World Cup. The FFS Friendly World Cup report is coming up today...


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