Note: This is the report for the FFS Friendly World Cup award only; there is a separate report for the FFS Euro Cup!

The knockout rounds have changed everything. Price is king.

With people scrambling to grab top assets and the recognized bargains, differentials have thinned out. That’s not to say they’ve stopped, though. Or that they’re not paying off. Quite the opposite. In the first quarter-final last night, Portugal eliminated Czech Republic 1-0 in a match where the Czech attack posed little threat (cue weeping from yours truly) and the main question was when Portugal would finally finish a chance. As such, people who punted on the Czechs left empty-handed, or more specifically with 3 points, a score that the entire side seemed bloody determined to get. Archie left with 3 points for Cech, while Sleep Talk, Gargamel and Archie shared my sorrows with 3 point returns from Jiracek. So the only winners on the day were those with Portuguese defenders: JKisthe1 who owned Pepe, and Forca Inter who owned Coentrao, both claiming 7 points and the lead.

Needless to say, those who included Czech reserve keepers Drobny (James_Fitz) and Lastuvka (Catmac, 4vets) got nothing. I was wondering whether to leave reserve keepers out of the awards, but I am a romantic and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the match one comes on. Plus, you can tell loooooooooooooooads of things from who someone picks as a reserve keeper. For example, James_Fitz’s pick of Drobny tells me that he is a Leo and enjoys pipe smoking around 9pm every Friday. Have a good one in a few hours James!

The expected slaughter of Greece commences tonight with much expected of the Germans. I won’t go into detail about the massive rumours Germany will rotate some or all of their front three, but for the record I would like to say JOACHIM LÖW IS A BELL. Thank you, that feels a lot better.

Differentials lined up today start with the man of the moment, Greek keeper Sifakis (Gargamel). Someone had to try it, and Gargamel gets special credit for spending a precious 0.5 more on a man commonly thought to give the Titanic cause for optimism. Snowy84 went for injured backup Chalkias, and I wouldn’t like to think of the scenes if he started and kept a cleanie. Goldstonemr has gone for Greek midfielder Fortounis, clearly with his eyes on a few recovered balls if he starts. Will he? Bild? Bild, can you let us know? The only German player owned by 3 or fewer managers was Khedira (Emperikal, Catmac) – and as an unnerving aside, by my opponent in the cup. We’ll see, Sami.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 report and preview of Day 3!

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