FFS Euro 2012 – Matchday 4 Day 3 Report - FFS UEFA
Note: This is the report for the FFS Euro 2012 award only; there is a separate report for the FFS Friendly World Cup!

So it finally looks like ENR has some competition this week. While it had been looking like a whitewash, Drinky and Parmtree have popped up at the back post a la their player, Alonso, to give ENR a run for his money. The Spaniard finally got the chance to convert a penalty too and so pulled in a 14 point haul to delight their courageous owners. Elsewhere last night, the Spanish shut out validated In Like Flynn and Milanista’s brave selections of Ramos and Pique respectively.
Tonight’s game is our valiant managers final chance to win this Matchday’s Award and they have certainly decided to go out with a bang. From the English camp, Rooney (Daniel,Doosra and Gaz) and Welbeck(Fuzzy, In Like Flynn and Hillbilly Pete) just qualify for the award wtih 3 owners apiece while supersub Walcott has only resident punter ENR backing him to deliver. Selected differential Italians to watch out for include midfielders Marchisio(The Light Knight, Gaz and Daniel) and Motta(ENR), forward Cassano(Roscola and Mac) and ??? Balotelli(TommyTour).

This is the final report of Matchday 4. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Euro 2012 Matchday 4 Order of Extreme Valour after Day 4′s action finishes!

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