Written by the Light Knight - currently slugging it out in the cozy comforts of Afghanis.. scratch that Poland.
Reporter  - Do you copy?
Lightknight : Sir... yes sir, I've just gotten over with my meeting with the women of the seedy underbelly of Poland and hear's..
Reporter- Excuse me??!?? Did you say women of the seedy underbelly? What the F!*^& are you doing there?
LightKnight - ....  -.- Do you REALLY want me to describe that 'meeting' to you? Anyway's I've positioned them to spy on the teams and hear's what they reported... *whispers giggle giggle stop it sasha you naughty girl you* 
Reporter-  -.- You have a mike attached you dumbwit.
Lightknight - Errr... yes the report well so it goes.... 

Here we are at last. The knockout stages. A place where our brave managers can’t even choose a Portuguese super sub and expect to qualify for the Order of Extreme Valour Award. While it was a disappointing night for anyone with a punt or 4 ( I’m looking at you, Isacki) in the Czech team, CR7′s teammates provided much more joy. Portugal’s clean sheet pleased the courageous owners of their defenders, with ENR ( be prepared to see his name several times this week) and Mac ultimately deciding to go for Alves and Coentrao respectively. Mac however has stolen a march on the competition by selecting their midfielder Moutinho, whose assist has catapulted his owner to the front of the race for this Matchday’s award. Mark must also be applauded for valiantly choosing Meireles, and was rewarded with a 4 point haul.
With FFS rife with rumours of the German frontline being rested, those who went with the crowd and chose Gomez have been left sweating. In an equally awkward position are the owners (ENR, Childish Gambino and Doosra) who have given Tom Selleck an idea for a new sequel “3 men and a Muller” . ENR and In Like Fynn have also selected Khedira in the hope that he can add to his one international goal. No prizes for guessing who covered their bases with a German defender and Greek forward. Yep, ENR has cunningly chosen Lahm and Matchday 1 goalscorer Salpingidis.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 report and preview of Day 3!

Reporter - That sounds like someone's dog wrote it.Lightknight do you copy, lightknight are you there. Lightknight what are those pillow noises....

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