Congratulations on your Quarter Final win against the hosts Ukraine, your partnership with Superdunny seems to be blossoming considering you two were thrown together at the last minute, how have you found working together?

After a week partying hard in Malia letting my hair down after a tiresome FPL season, I was horrified to see I may had missed out on this major tournament, luckily Superdunny was available with other managers probably thinking he wouldn’t know what he was doing having watched Steve Kean all season. But after seeing his FPL rank I had the utmost respect for his ability. We have dovetailed perfectly with each other contributing high scores in 2 of the 4 rounds played. We let each other decide on team selection, with SD taking the safer approach it allowed me to take a few punts like Balotelli and Huntelaar but these failed to come off.

Unbeaten in your group, what was your take on qualification?

Well first up was Ireland with Christina and Sporting in charge, they argued so much it left Irish fans calling for Jedward to take over. With Sporting having Szczesny in Goal with Cech back up, they clearly had been drinking too much Guinness.
The Italians proved a tougher test, with Parmtree being on the council we expected Sepp Blatter to stitch us up, but it was his partner who threw the tie away by captaining Young over Benzema, it left us wondering if he had taken bribes again?
Only needing a point to qualify, we faced Spain the defending champions, With TW and Pratik in charge, I was confident we could win this having previously done the double over TW in the Champions League, SuperDunny was the hero Captaining Ronlado whilst I made a terrible call of selling him.

You faced the hosts Ukraine in the Quarters, this was a close tie.

After being tied 53-53 after day 1 I knew Childish Gambino and Mac was going to be tough. On Day 2 myself and SD were confident Gomez would send us in the lead with CG not having him, perhaps he gets early team news?  In the end it was Captain heroic Stevie G with his retrieved balls that sent us threw.

Germany seem to have the luck in this tournament so far, do you feel you can end it?

With one of the scouts, Jonty and Euros expert Camzy its sure going to be difficult. With limited players to choose from know, it may be time for one of my punts to come off and lead us to victory? We believe, after all we are the worlds best side *according to Forca.



26/06/2012 6:12am

Cracking interview


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