Written by Abominable Snowy84

Well here it is, the last day of the group stage. The end of the line for half the participants. Only Brazil and Chile have topped the group. 12 countries are vying for the last 6 quarter final spots. Lets take a look at the players in each match that will help determine who goes through and who goes out.
Group A)
Switzerland need only a draw against Slovenia’s (Aatish and Kostja) to top the group. Slovenia need to better Uruguays result but Switerland (JK and James Fitz) lead 88-76. The Swiss have 7 (Rami, Nasri, Young, Benzema x2 and Lescott x2) while the Slovenians have 8 ( Debuchy, M. Olsson, Young, Nasri, Ribery, Benzema and lescott x2).
In the other tie, Uruguay (4VETS and Emperikal) lead the already eliminated Egypt (Huth the Daddy and ILA) 110-86. Uruguay have 7 (Young, Debuchy x2, Lescott x2, Nasri x2) and Egypt have 8( Welbeck, Benzema, Debuchy, Young, Lescott x2, Nasri x2).

Group B)
Brazil have qualified and South Korea are eliminated so I will just have a look at clash of Ghana and Mexico. Ghana (Eoin and Porkie) lead on goal difference coming in to the tie. Mexico (Sleep Talk, Snowy84, Boom Shakalaka and MsRed) led the Ghanians 80-74. Mexico have 8( Rami, Gerrard, Rooney, Nasri, Lescott x2, Benzema x2) and Ghana have 7 ( Young, Benzema, Nasri, Lescott x2, Debuchy x2).

Group C)

Ivory Coast are eliminated. Any 2 from the other 3 teams in the group will qualify. Argentina have 6pts, Serbia and Japan who have 3 each. Argentina (Archie and Canadian Football) need only a draw against Serbia to book their quarter final spot and they are leading 88-79. Argentina have 7 (Yarmolenko, Benzema, Nasri, Lescott x2, Debuchy x2). Serbia ( Teddy and Messimerized) have 4 (benzema, Larsson and Debuchy x2).
Japan (Wazza Goal and Djerbil) lead Ivory Coast (Mull and The Giggs Boson) 105- 88. Japan have 6 ( Hart, Mexes, Nasri, Debuchy, Konoplyanka and Benzema) playing today while the Ivory Coast have 7 (Gerrard, Debuchy, Young, Lescott x2 and Benzema x2).

Group D)
Chile have topped the group so it is only 1 of USA, Australia and Turkey will join them. USA need only a draw against Australia (Shipstontrev and Bal4tom) and the USA (Gargarmel and Goldstonemr) are leading 89-74. USA have 8 playing today ( Debuchy, Graqvist, Nasri, Rooney, Hart, Lescott, Ribery and Benzema). Australia have 7 (Hart, M.Olsson, Lescott, Debuchy x2 and Benzema x2).
Already qualified Chile (Menly and Catmac) lead Turkey ( FC Borecelona and Optimus) 88-77. Turkey have 5 playing ( Lescott, Debuchy, Young and Benzema x2) and Chile have 8 ( Lescott, Young, Benzema, Gerrard, Nasri, Welbeck and Debuchy x2).

Good Luck to all!


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