Written by JKISTHE1 (Ozil's Ceching In - Switzerland)

In the 2nd round of Group matches Switzerland (137), led by one of the greatest GWs ever seen in FFS history from JKisthe1 cruised to a 41 point victory over Egypt (96) to all but book their place in the knockout-stages. James_Fitz weighed in with a fairly hefty 56 points, but JK’s mammoth score of 81 was only 15 short of Egypt’s combined total. The 6 points, coupled with a hefty goal difference and a great H2H record leaves them sitting pretty. Meanwhile Top seeds Uruguay scored a narrow, but extremely important 107-100 win over Slovenia to keep their chances of qualification alive. The difference maker in this one ultimately proving to be Emperikal’s captain choice of David Silva, which made up for the sale of Pilar to Fortounis to obtain Maggio instead of Bonucci (sorry about that one). Uruguay will now a victory in their final group game could be key.

1st – Switzerland 6pts (Captain Shirokov and JK/Karaisthe1). Their victory over Egypt puts them in pole position, whilst only a defeat by Slovenia of 59 points of more could deny this team a place in the knock-outs. That being said any form of defeat to Slovenia could relegate Switzerland to 2nd place and a match with the FWC favourites Brazil, something Switzerland co-manager JK and Brazil co-manager Forca Inter are keen to avoid. A Uruguay win on the final day would mean that even defeat would see Switzerland top the group by virtue of their better GD.
2nd – Uruguay 3pts (4Vets and Emperikal) – Now in 2nd place by virtue of their win over Slovenia the situation for Uruguay is simple they have to win to have any chance of qualifying due to their lower GD. Anything else could let in Slovenia should they take anything from the high flying Swiss. But as their fortunes improve they find themselves up against a team that is proving to be something of a whipping boy in this group. 4Vets and Emperikal will feel confident of obtaining the necessary result, but they can not finish top of the group as a win for Slovenia would see them move ahead of Switzerland via H2H result, whilst Switzerland would remain ahead of Uruguay on that H2H result, so it looks like it’s Brazil that await Uruguay should they make it out, and that means an encounter with the high-flying Forca Inter and possibly another Epic Fail press conference.

3rd – Slovenia. 3pts (Aatish and Kostja) A disappointing defeat to Uruguay leaves Slovenia with it all to do. The situation for them is this. Win and they could win the group by virtue of a H2H win over Switzerland, anything else and a Uruguay win would see them eliminated. They could still finish 2nd with a draw so long as Egypt can upset the odds and turn-over Uruguay, but this team is staring down the barrel of elimination. They could even be eliminated if they win. If Uruguay beat Egypt 3 teams would be level on 6 points, thus meaning that the all important GD comes into play. At the present time they sit behind Switzerland but ahead of Uruguay, but a heavy Uruguay win could see that over-turned.

4th – Egypt 0pts (ILA and Huth the Daddy) – This team has given their all, but they have found themselves up against some top class opponents and have no chance of making the knockouts as even if they win against Uruguay their defeats to Slovenia and Switzerland would see them eliminated. That being said they could still impact the outcome of this group as if they get than win over Uruguay they could deny their opponents a place in the knockouts.

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