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Switzerland def. Mexico 141-127. This back and forth tie was ultimately decided by 1 man. James_Fitz’s decision to put the armband on Xabi Alonso proved crucial as his 28 point haul decided this tie in favour of the Group A winners. Jk and Sleep Talk finished neck and neck on 64 points but Snowy could only manage 63 to James’ 77. Mexico can consider themselves somewhat unlucky to have faced the only side that outscored them in this round.
In matchday 1, there was just CR7 in common for all 4 men. Whilst both Snowy and Sleep opted for Rui Patricio between the sticks, James_Fitz matched 1 of these with Joao Perrerira, whilst JK’s double on Perreiera and Pepe gave the Swiss a matchday 1 advantage. But Matchday 2 saw the tie swing in Mexico’s favour. A lack of Ozil for the Swiis proved decisive as Sleep Talk went Ozil (c). Both Swiss members went fro Neuer, whislt both JK and Snowy lost out on a German double in defence, despite Boateng’s assist. In matchday 3, we have seen that Alonso proved decisive as both JK and Snowy claimed 20 points from an Alba (c) whilst Jks Busquets outscored Sleep’s Iniesta. A double Lescott CS on Machday 4 was not enough to overturn the deficit for Mexico as Switzerland Pirlo and Gerrard double, coupled with a Balzaretti CS saw them home. The USA await in the semi-finals.

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