There's just 31 hours until the Euro's kick off! Are your teams ready? Do you and your partner have a strategy?

Just a few announcements for you as the start of the Euro's looms near:

First off, a special thanks to Milanista  and JKISTHE1 for writing a couple group previews! We hope that they will write a few more.

On that note, we would love to have you help particiate in some way. You can write a group preview, group matchday review, group analysis or anything else along those lines. If you're interested let us know, or just write it, post it on FFS and make sure we see! 

We also have to say, you managers have been a bit quiet. We miss that normal buzz of press conferences and team news prior to a matchday that we are used to from the Champions League and Europa League. To help encourage you there will be an award for the best team news or press conference and an award for the team that is the most active (press conferences, team news, write-ups, group previews/reviews, etc) given to one team per competition. 

A few other regular columns you can expect from us are the Weekly Dream Team (under the Home tab) and "The Order of Extreme Valour" awarded to the manager who takes the riskiest successful captaincy gamble (organized by Denmark). A few more in the works....Watch out for all of them!

Join our classic league (code is 140676-77060) so you can compete against all your favorite managers, not just those in your group! Stay tuned for more group previews and our Dream Team for the first gameweek!

Good luck to you all in the first gameweek, unless you're team happens to be Italy!


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